Sub-Staff Sonic Massage
Sound waves are an invisible force we experience in profound ways. Music moves us and shapes our conscience, mood, and physicality. 
Tuba bathing strips this concept to its core and utilizes heavy, slow waveforms to project soundwaves directly into the cores which constitute being. 
The toot-er and toot-ee are connected through this breath of life, psyche. 
Unlike other sound healing practices, there is literally something funny about tuba-bathing. 
The sound resembles an impossible fart or an infinite snore. You feel the healing effects of this humor along with the deep rumbling waves passing through the atoms shaking in your gut. 
A tuba bath utilizes the lowest tones that can be produced from the horn. 
This requires the toot-ee to use voiceless linguolabial trill -
or to blow a raspberry.
We honor this with our bodies and our laughter by partaking of raspberries while tuba bathing.
Click to listen to radio feature on Montreal Canada CKUT 90.3 FM with fellow sousaphonist Cathy Inouye on the healing powers of a tuba bath.
Tuba Bath at 2019 Iriquiois Springs Balkan Music and Dance Workshop
Video Credit: John David Eriksen
Photos Credit: Nicholas Caputo
Tuba Bath at 2017 Iriquois Springs Balkan Music and Dance Workshop
Video credit: Matt Smith
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