Curriculum Vitae
 2015-2018  University of Florida - Gainesville, FL. Art + Technology Department. Graduate Assistantship.
                     Graduated 2018 with MFA in Visual Arts.
 2007-2011  West Virginia University – Morgantown, WV. Graduated with Honors. BFA in Visual Arts.
                     Concentration: Sculpture/Printmaking

Solo Exhibitions
  2019            Наизменичне струје угља (Alternating coal currents). Ostavinska Galerija. Belgrade, Serbia.
  2013            Random Encounters. Blue Moose. Morgantown, WV.
  2012            Sole Searching. Appalachian Center. Berea, KY.
  2011             somnwhere. Artist Image Resource. Pittsburgh, PA.

Juried Exhibitions
  2017            FACC College of the Arts Annual Student Juried Exhibition. Juror: Sean Donaher
                     University Gallery. Gainesville, FL.
  2016            Florida Fine Arts College Council Student Juried Arts Exhibition. Juror: Annemarie Furlong
                     University Gallery. Gainesville, FL.
  2014            Board with Art. Juror: John Michael Barone. Atomic Grill. Morgantown, WV.
  2011             2011 Kappa Pi Art Fraternity Juried Exhibition. Jurors: Art Symposium
                     Monongalia Arts Center. Morgantown, WV.
Collaborative Exhibitions
  2020            Appalachian Extraction with Ali Printz. Buxton & Landstreet Coketon Gallery. Thomas, WV.

Group Exhibitions
  2019            The Second World of Nature. Marston Science Library. Gainesville, FL.
  2018            Wuhan Textile University International Tile Exchange. Gallery College of Fine Arts. Wuhan, China.
  2018            Affinity to Water: Mapping Tides, Forest, Estuary, and Shell Middens. 4Most Gallery. Gainesville, FL.

Foremost Gallery. Gainesville, FL.
  2018            Thesis Exhibition I. University of Florida Gallery. Gainesville, FL.
  2017            Cedar Key Arts Center Exhibition. Cedar Key Arts Center Gallery. Cedar Key, FL.
  2016            Studio Lab: Experiments in Art + Science. Gary R. Libby Gallery. Gainesville, FL.
  2016            Human Geography. Warphaus Gallery. Gainesville, FL.
  2016            Solomon & Friends. Superfun! Gainesville, FL.
  2016            Region 4.1.0 | Remediation. Santa Fe Gallery. Gainesville, FL.
  2014            Premier Invitation. Connector Art Gallery. Fairmont, WV.
  2013            I Have a Dreamcast Presented by New York Kills Artists, Bar Matchless, Brooklyn, NY. 
  2011            BFA Show. Mesaros Galleries. Morgantown, WV.

Traveling Exhibitions
2011-2012   Reflections: Homage to Dunkard Creek
                    Kirby Art Gallery. Wheeling, WV, Carnegie Hall. Lewisburg, WV, Parkersburg Fine Arts Center.
                    Parkersburg, WV, Roper Gallery of Art
. Frostburg, MD, Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh, PA,
                    Chatham University. Pittsburgh, PA, Benedum Fine Arts Gallery. Fairmont, WV, Brooks Gallery.
                    Fairmont, WV
, Frankenberger Gallery. Charleston, WV, California Univerisity of Pennsylvania.
                    California, PA, Arts Monongahelia. Morgantown, WV
  2019           Professional Development Travel Funding Award
                      $950 to attend the Atelier Austmarka Artist Residency program in Austmarka, Norway.    
  2019           George A. Smathers Libraries Travel Grant
                      $1,445 to travel to Malmö, Sweden for the Future Manufacturing Technologies Expo.
  2019            Professional Development Funds
                       $500 from Designing a Virtual Exchange course and training in Spring 2019. 
  2019            EEFC Balkan Music and Dance Workshop Scholarship
                      $1,000 to attend the East Coast EEFC Balkan Camp
  2019            Creative Campus grant for Leonardo’s mechanical dragonfly and the evolution of flight in insects
                      $8,000 for interdisciplinary coursework teaching digital fabrication through Da Vinci and entomology.
  2019            NEFLIN grant for Finding a Sustainable Solution for 3D Printing Waste. Gainesville, FL.
                      $6,728 Co-authored with Sara Russell-Gonzalez and Jean Bossart.
  2018            Kerslake Printmaking Award for Sago Mine Fatalgram. Gainesville, FL.
  2017            University of Florida Department of Entomology & Nematology. Insects Alive Contest.
                      $500 award for digital animation. Gainesville, FL.
  2020           Buxton & Landstreet. Thomas, WV.
  2019            Belgrade Artist in Residence. Belgrade, Serbia.
  2019            Atelier Austmarka. Austmarka, Norway.
  2016            WVU Department of Chemistry CESTA Residency. Morgantown, WV.

Public Art
  2020           Saint of Coketon (Carrie Williams) Public mural on historic Buxton & Landstreet building. Thomas, WV
  2016            Glukupikron. Evansdale Campus Library grounds, Morgantown, WV.

Organizational Memberships
  2015-2016        HASTAC Scholars Presenter at 2016 HASTAC conference. You Have the Right to Rest: 
                            Arbitrating the War on Sleep in Humanities. Tempe, AZ
  2010-2011         Kappa Pi Eta Lambda Chapter at WVU, President. 

Conferences Attended
  2019            Future Manufacturing Technologies Expo. Malmö, Sweden. 
  2017            Society of Photographic Education National Conference. Assistant presenter to the honored 
                      educator, Barbara Jo Revelle.Orlando, FL.
  2016            Southern Graphics Council International Conference. Portland, OR.
  2012-2013   Small Press Xpo. Washington DC, VA.
  2010-2012   Southern Graphics Council International Conference. New Orleans, LA and Philadelphia, PA.
  2009            Southern Graphics Council Conference. Chicago, IL. 

Private Commissions
  2019            Abstract map for book The Chalice by Joe Halstead. Printed in 2020. 
  2015            Album Artwork Design and Production. Dog and Gun.
  2015            Logo Design. Dough Re Mi Noshery and Musicians’ Supply.
  2013-2014   Illustrated Road Map, Web Graphics. Federal Writer’s Project: Traveling 219 - The Seneca Trail.
  2012            Screenprinted Cartographic Map. Erika Osborne, Artist.

   2020          VIS Nordic Journal of Artistic Research Issue 4. Reclamation: Exposing Coal Seams and 
                       Appalachian Fatalism Through Digital Apparatuses.
   2020          Codex Foundation. Extraction Megazine. Distributed as part of the international event 
                       Extraction: Art on the Edge of the Abyss.
   2019            Nolan, M. , Putnam, S. , and Williams-Roby, E. Librarians and extended reality: Enhancing 
                       teaching and learning in the chemical sciences. American Chemical Society. Washington.
   2018            Gilbert, B. Cox, A. Arts Programming for the Anthropocene. Routledge Press. London, England.
   2016            Carminica, J. (2016) FORM Arcosanti, a Music Festival That Thinks Small. New York: NY Times.
   2016            Wonderful West Virginia Magazine. December 2015 issue.

Teaching Experiences
   2020          Creative Consultant. West Virginia University. Morgantown, WV
   2019           Visiting Artist Lecture. Faculty of Applied Arts. Belgrade, Serbia.
   2018            Art 4642C and 4645C. Sensors for Artists & Digital Fabrication. University of Florida.
                       Fall 2018 semester. Gainesville, FL. 
   2018            Exploded Views. Summer Pre-College program. Univesity of Florida. 
                       Summer 2018. Gainesville, FL.
   2017            Art 4642C Digital Fabrication. University of Florida. Spring 2017 Semester. Gainesville, FL.
   2016            Art 4645 Sensors for Artists. University of Florida. Fall 2016 Semester. Gainesville, FL.

Related Experiences
   2018-2019     3D and Emerging Technology Services Manager. Marston Science Library. University of Florida.
                         Gainesville, FL. duties: overseeing production supplies and managing student workers in 
                         3D printing lab servicing UF campus and the public, collaborating with faculty, staff,
                         and students on research projects incorporating 3D technology including, but not limited 
                         3D scanning, printing, modeling, and virtual reality. 
   2018             Studio Assistant for Richard Heipp, Professor of Painting at the University of Florida. 
                        Gainesville, FL. duties: setting up vector files for laser engraving PVC airbrush paintings. 
   2017             Studio Assistant for artist Anna Calluori Holcombe, Professor of Ceramics at 
                        University of Florida. Gainesville, FL, duties: 3D scanning and model repairing.
 2017               Studio Assistant for Professor Emeritus at the University of Florida and former
                        Director of the School of Art and Art History, Barbara Jo Revelle.Gainesville, FL.
                        duties: processing multimedia formats and workflow development for Final Cut Pro video     

                       presentation at the National Society
for Photographic Education Conference.   
  2015-2017    Graduate Assistant at Infinity Fabrications Laboratory. Gainesville, FL.
                        duties: Pre-fabrication file preparation, maintenance and operation of 3D scanners and 
                        printers, water-jet cutter, CNC router, digital sewing machines, and laser cutters.

  2011-2014     Studio Assistant for artist Jason Lee. Morgantown, WV. duties:
                        Fabrication and installation of artwork. 
  2011-2012      Printshop Manager at SustainU Apparel Co.Morgantown, WV.
  2011               Volunteer. Artist Image Resource. Pittsburgh, PA. 
                        duties: shop maintenance and printing assistant
  2010              Intern. Artist Image Resource. Pittsburgh, PA.
                        duties: Printing Assistant for Shepard Fairey Edition.       
                        Studio Assistant for WVU Visiting Artist Basia Irland. Deckers Creek. Morgantown, WV.
                        duties: creation of artist’s ice books for Gathering of the Waters Project.   

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