Art design and production from a good boi.
Rare Bit Dot is the design and production service from me, Ernie Williams-Roby. Services include graphic design, 2D animation, 3D modeling, logos, photo and video editing, tee-shirt designs, screenprinting, one-on-one consultations, wide format printing, experiences, and more. Have a creative endeavor and need a professional? Just use the contact button to get in touch with your idea.

My projects and collaborators have included authors, visual artists, universities, independent business owners, non-profits, gaming organizations, scientific researchers, and production artists. I also start RareBit. with the intention of creating original designs for products and apparel in addition to original fan-art of video games and media that have influenced my aesthetic.

I am extremely knowledgeable in a boatload of softwares and tend to take an interconnected workflows approach between graphics rendering and processing. I often have hand-drawn elements in my work even in a purely digital end-product.
When you support Rare Bit Dot you are directly supporting me in my quest for maintaining a healthy work/life balance which brings out the best possible work. I work very closely with each individual to find their particular needs and my working style is to exchange ideas and collaborate with you while holding space for your input and preferences.
Thank you for your interest and support. I look forward to collaborating with you.

<3 Ernie